Spoleto Town Hall Historic Building - "Ricerche" from October 18th until November 9th.

Modern Art Gallery 'Blu di Prussia' sited in Perugia, Umbria. Personal exhibition "Recent paints from '90 uo to '96".

Spoleto Town Hall Historic Building - "Momenti" from April 12 to 26th. Councillorship to the Cultural Services of Spoleto - Association Friends of the Center of Contemporary Art Museum of Spoleto (critique by Emidio de Albentiis)

Collective Exhibitions in Terni, Umbria. "Centro Polivalente Esposizioni e Mostre" from February 17th to March 1st. Marzo.

International Award "S. Valentino d'Oro" received from the "Committee for the premiation of a message of love" supported from the Umbrian Region; Province of Terni - Town Hall of Terni.

Personal Exhibition - Art Gallery of Landsüdt - Germany

Starting July 6th , thanks to the Umbrian region and the Spoleto Town Hall he is present with his masterpiece to the Modern art Gallery of Spoleto.

From June 9th to 19th, personal exhibition to the Castelluccia castle in Rome (critique by Franca Calzavacca).

"Spoletoarte '88 " collective exhibition of 6 umbrian artists. From October 3rd to 30th at the Municipal Musee of Orange (France);

From November 16th to 26th collective at Horta Museum in Bruxelles (Belgium) edited by the Italian Institute of Culture in Bruxelles - Italian Embassy in Bruxelles - Spoleto Town Hall - Italian Institute of Culture.

Personal Exhibition - Seeon Castle - Germany.

Spoleto - Rosari Spada Palace (now Modern Art Gallery) from September 21th to October 20th personal supported by the councillorship to the Culture "Paintings Today"

Personal - Cloppenburg - Niedersachsen - Germany.

Personal - Italian Institute of Culture of MUNCHEN - Germany.

Personal supported by the Region, Town Hall and Sala dei Notari of Perugia.

Personal from January 18th to 31st - Studio Gabrielli - Via Margutta, 31 (Roma)

from 1963 up to 1979
He exhibits in his permanent personal Gallery in Spoleto and every two years in different galleries in Roma.

Galleria l'Obelisco - Via Sistina, Roma

First Personal in Roma from September 25th to October 7th - Galleria l'88 di Via Margutta. (critique by Giovanni Carandente)

During this year he need to stop his activities because of military service. This was also the reason why he couldn't participate to the BIENNALE of VENEZIA also if he was invited by the Italian Artist National Federation.

Personal in occasion of the Festival of Two Worlds of Spoleto (Italy)

First Personal in occasion of the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto (Italy)
National Exhibition of paints (Perugia)

National Exhibition of Figurative Art (Spoleto) - Regional Exhibition of Figurative Art (Foligno)

National Exhibition of Figurative Art (Spoleto) - Regional Exhibition of Figurative Art (Spoleto)


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